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Connecting to the VPN

If you just paid and were redirected here, then your account is setup! Congratulations! Continue reading for information on how to connect.

There are several options for connecting to the VPN. On Windows platforms the most popular option will the be the Seed.ST VPN Client. Options for connecting form Linux and OSX are available too.

When you are connected to the VPN all traffic should be routed *through* the VPN. To the outside world your IP will appear to be the IP you were assigned when you connected.

While connected to the VPN the VPN tab will show your current IP, currently connected server, and the options to enable or disable both the firewall and the DDNS features.


Seed.ST VPN Client

OpenVPN Community Client

PPTP Client (Built into Windows XP/Vista/7)

L2TP Client (Built into Windows XP/Vista/7)


TunnelBlick (An OpenVPN client)



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